Places to Go on a Budget! (Colorado Springs)

Colorado Springs is located an hour south of Denver, CO. The perfect little weekend trip for anyone trying to explore a new city. There are so many new things to see, activities to do, and places to explore in the Springs. Below is a little guide of some must-see spots, and activities to do when visiting. Most activities included in the guide are FREE! Included in the guide are several wheelchair-accessible spots. The cost of these activities vary.

Downtown Colorado Springs is the perfect little mountain city. If you are visiting for a day trip, grab a bite to eat at some local restaurants, visit the beautiful murals, and even do some shopping. Wheelchair accessibility depends on the specific location.

First, The Garden of the Gods in Downtown Colorado Springs offers many exciting trails and stunning views. The Garden of the Gods also has one wheelchair-accessible trail and a separate parking lot reserved specifically for those requiring wheelchair access.
Cost: FREE

Next is The Incline which averages around 1 mile and reaches about 8,500 feet. This hike is an extreme test of strength and determination and is not wheelchair accessible.
Cost: FREE

The Cliff Dwellings are the next stop which are ruins that date back anywhere between 800 to 1000 years old. This relocated historical site has amazing views and a stunning history behind it. Stop by the museum and gift shop to see amazing pieces of art and history. Walking inside the Cliff Dwellings is not wheelchair accessible but can be viewed from the parking lot. As for the museum, the first floor is “accessible” but in order to get there, you must go down a very steep ramp/path.

Cost: $12 per person

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