Breweries in Denver!

Denver is known for its many breweries in the area below are some of the breweries you can find in the city! These breweries in Denver are located around 29th street and around the 29th-street area.

Our Mutual Friend

Opened in 2012 Our Mutual Friend produces beers specifically designed for release at Our brewery and offers almost all of their beers at the bar. With traditional beer classics and indoor and outdoor spaces designed for everyone in the community, your bound to feel safe and welcome!

14er Brewing

This Brewery pays tribute to all the stunning 14,000 feet in elevation hikes that are found all across the state of Colorado. Inside this brewery, you will find maps and photos of mountains that will really have you wanting to walk off your hangover with a nice big hike!

Bierstadt Lagerhaus

This German brewery offers everything from endless entertainment to yard games and live music on Thursday and Saturday. The menu at this brewery ranges from white sausage, pretzels, and many more classic German dishes. They even offer liter beers! If you can’t take a trip to Germany this is the next best thing.

Blue Moon Brewing

If you are looking for a classic brewery, then Blue Moon is for you. Blue Moon originated in Denver and provides a refreshingly creative take on the classic Belgian white beer. At Blue Moon, you can find innovative and creative beers brewed in-house and only available at this location!

Recess Beer Garden

Recess is a classic spot with great craft beer & American-style pub food! Recess also has a large outdoor patio with picnic tables & classic yard games. As an added bonus for dog lovers, Recess allows you to bring your pup 7 days a week and before 3 PM on Fridays and Saturdays. During pre-covid times Recess also offered live music!

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