4th of JULY Weekend Guide!


Friday Night Bazaar

This event is open every Friday from 4 PM-9 PM at 2424 Larimer St. This events features over 40+ vendors, food trucks, and live music! This is the perfect activity to start your weekend off right. Can’t make it Friday? Don’t worry, this Bazaar is also open Saturday from 3 PM-8 PM at 1611 Raleigh St.

Comedy Show/Silent Disco Street Party

Is a bazaar to relaxing for your Friday night out? Then check out this Comedy Show/Silent Disco! This is one of the first events to kick off Stars and Stripes Street Fest downtown. The event starts with a free comedy show from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM featuring Denver local comedians! The recommend donation for the comedy show is $10 a person and all donations go to helping supporting the featured local comedians.
As for the silent disco, this is “FREE” to enter but headphones are available for purchase if you want to join the silent disco fun ($20 to rent). The proceeds from this event benefit the Ballpark area to keep it safe and clean for everyone! All ages are allowed at this event. The Silent Disco runs from 9:30 PM to 12:30 AM


Four Mile Historic Park Independence Day Parade

This event consists of live music, food trucks, prairie games, and fireworks at sundown! This celebration runs from 5 PM to 9 PM and costs $14 for adults.$14.00 per Adult; $8.00 per Youth (age 7-17); $13.00 per Senior (age 65+); $13.00 per Military (with ID). This is a family-friendly event in which you can enjoy the history of the area, live music, and more. This is a must-stop to start your 4th of July weekend!

Independence Celebration


Party on The Square

Welcome to Larimer Square — home to good vibes every day of the week! This is one of the only blocks in Denver in which you can drink openly. Offering live music from DJ Al Ur Pal, Dotsero, and Hot Lunch Band. Larimer Square decorates its block for any holiday or event. Whether it’s a hockey game or PRIDE weekend, Larimer Square always goes all out so expect nothing less for Party On The Square this weekend!


Rockies Game

Nothing says America like a classic baseball game. Stuff your face in hotdogs and beers with a game at Coors Field! Famous for its giant Rockies sign and water fountain which goes off with a Rockies home run, this weekend you can watch the Rockies take on the St. Louis Cardinals at 7:10 PM. Tickets right now are around $31 each and even include a firework show at the end of the game!


Stars & Stripes Streetfest

This vibrant festival-style pop-up offers food and drinks for all ages! This is a free event located on 21st Street between Market and Lawrence. Featuring local foods, drinks and Colorado small businesses. This a 3-day event that starts of with a silent disco and comedy show Friday! The Saturday – Streetfest will feature local food and drinks followed by a silent disco and fireworks and allows you to continue your festivities till Sunday.



Park Hill Parade

After an eventful Saturday in downtown head to Park Hill to catch a relaxing Independence Day Parade. Starting at 1:30 PM this parade runs down 23rd Ave starting at Dexter St and ending at Krameria St. So grab your beach chairs and get there early to get a great spot for the parade! At the end of the parade there will be food trucks and drink, so enjoy!

Annual Park Hill Parade

Zeds Dead

This backyard Jamboree/concert which is now located in Denver’s Sculpture Park starts at 1:00 PM. If you are a fan of dance/electronica music or just looking for some good old fun then this event is for you. Zeds Dead playlist consists of old mixes and some recent work. If you aren’t already a fan of Zeds Dead, no worries! There is still plenty of time to catch up on all the latest songs on Apple Music or Spotify. Tickets are between $80 – $100.


Elitch Gardens

If you’re looking for a way to cool off, visit Elitch Gardens and spend the day on endless rollercoasters and waterslides. A day pass is $45, but you can buy a season pass for only $80 which includes in-park discounts, early water park entry, fright fest park admission, and 2 FREE bring a friend tickets! These two friend passes have date restrictions but that small detail doesn’t stop this from making it a killer deal. Finally, finish your adrenaline junkie day off with fireworks right here at Elitch Gardens.



Looking for more firework locations across Colorado? Check out this link for a list of fireworks in Colorado! While this list does offer many locations for fireworks, due to COVID-19 restrictions some of these events may have been but on hold, so make sure to double-check with the official website before visiting!


The Incline

The Incline is a one-mile hike of intense straight-up climbing. The hike increases fast in elevation climbing up 2,000 feet in just under a mile. The average grade for the trail is 45 percent and, in some places, it is even as steep as 68 percent. This hike is not for the faint of heart.
Cost: Free
Wheelchair accessible: No

What To Bring?

When going for a hike you must always pack light. While you want to bring water and other items you don’t want your bag to be too heavy or weigh you down. Personally, I always bring some water, a light jacket (because it gets colder as you go up in elevation), and small snacks.

How To Prepare?

I don’t want you to think this hike will be easy because the incline is no joke, but I will say that while I love a good hike for many reasons, I am no fitness junkie. With that said, the incline was hard but actually easier than I expected. I had not been training or even working out before tackling a hike like this. I just did it! The only way to prepare is to just know your own personal fitness level. I suggest that if you are nervous about completing this hike, then you can start at the halfway point and complete the full incline on your next trip.!

The View

One of my favorite things about hiking is the reward you get after completing the hike. Not only do you feel so happy that you just completed the damn thing but the stunning view makes it so worth it! The Incline is no different, the view is worth every 2000 plus steps it took to you to get to it. While climbing, and once at the top, you can see Garden of the Gods which is only about a 10 to 15-minute drive away.

Hiking Down

Since the Incline is so steep it is not recommended to go back down the same way. Although I did see several people doing this, I won’t subject myself to it. Instead, I took the 4-mile trail that you can follow back down. Barr trail is a semi-short hike back down that consists of a very winding path and great views of pikes peak.

Must See Sculptures in Denver, CO

If you are looking for something to do on a budget, this sculpture guide is the perfect activity! Starting at Sculpture Park and ending at the Denver Art Museum this guide is roughly 1 mile long and brings you right pass the Capitol Building in downtown Denver. I have organized the guide below to help with directions and to make every sculpture easy to find. When driving into downtown there are several parking lots near sculpture park in which you can park. Looking to add something else to this guide? Swing by 16th street mall for a quick bite or to do some shopping.

This guide is wheelchair accessible.

Cost: FREE

The Dancers

Sculpture of two white dancers in sculpture park with snow on the ground.
  • By Jonathan Borofsky – Located in Sculpture Park

“Man” and “Women”

bronze sculpture of Man and Women at Denver preforming arts center.
  • By Fernando Botero – Located on 14th St and Curtis

I See What You Mean

  • By Lawrence Argent – Located on 14th in Downtown Denver

East 2 West Source Point

two faces sculpture with a golden  mental piece in the middle. sculpture found in downtown Denver
  • Larry Kirkland – Located Wellington E. Webb Municipal Building

The Yearling

in a pile of snow sits a giant red chair with a horse on top. found in downtown Denver near the Denver art museum. next stop on sculpture guide
  • By Donald Lipski – Located on 32 W 14th Ave

Big Sweep

giant broom and dustpan in front of Denver Art museum. free/budget walking guide to see sculptures in downtown Denver.
  • By Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen – Located In front of the Denver Art Museum

Scottish Angus Cow and Calf

Cow and Calf sculpture. the last stop on  this free/budget sculpture walking guide
  • By Dan Ostermiller – Located by the Denver Art Museum

Places to Go on a Budget! (Colorado Springs)

Colorado Springs is located an hour south of Denver, CO. The perfect little weekend trip for anyone trying to explore a new city. There are so many new things to see, activities to do, and places to explore in the Springs. Below is a little guide of some must-see spots, and activities to do when visiting. Most activities included in the guide are FREE! Included in the guide are several wheelchair-accessible spots. The cost of these activities vary.

Downtown Colorado Springs is the perfect little mountain city. If you are visiting for a day trip, grab a bite to eat at some local restaurants, visit the beautiful murals, and even do some shopping. Wheelchair accessibility depends on the specific location.

First, The Garden of the Gods in Downtown Colorado Springs offers many exciting trails and stunning views. The Garden of the Gods also has one wheelchair-accessible trail and a separate parking lot reserved specifically for those requiring wheelchair access.
Cost: FREE

Next is The Incline which averages around 1 mile and reaches about 8,500 feet. This hike is an extreme test of strength and determination and is not wheelchair accessible.
Cost: FREE

The Cliff Dwellings are the next stop which are ruins that date back anywhere between 800 to 1000 years old. This relocated historical site has amazing views and a stunning history behind it. Stop by the museum and gift shop to see amazing pieces of art and history. Walking inside the Cliff Dwellings is not wheelchair accessible but can be viewed from the parking lot. As for the museum, the first floor is “accessible” but in order to get there, you must go down a very steep ramp/path.

Cost: $12 per person